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00 | Marriage Success Model

Take a sneak peek into the program can change everything for your marriage.  Sit down, watch the videos, and work through the workbook.

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01 | Marriage Mindset

Relationships require an intentional shift in the way we see life. The core is the crucial part of your relationship upon which all other things are built.

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02 | Personality Differences

Understanding self gives us permission to be ourselves and leads to self-awareness making us better able to adjust and interact with our spouse.

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03 | Talk & Fight Styles

Relationships are meant to be redemptive in nature. Having fair expectations, navigate conflicting together, and communicating both positive and negative.

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04 | Upbringing

Family values and dynamics shape our character. These experiences influence our concepts of how marriage should be structured.       

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05 | Money Moves

Most people would assume money has everything to do with not having enough, when in fact; it has everything to do with how it’s managed.  

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06 | Love Life

Openly discussing your views and expectations for sex in marriage helps to cultivate healthy, married sex. We refer to these as "Sex-pectations."

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BONUS | Resources

We provide you with practical and applicable additional resources to help you make the most of our courses; including example and downloadable worksheets.

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Our Story...

Ashley and I had been happily married for 7 years, when all of a sudden our reality didn’t match our expectations as a result of misguided beliefs about marriage. When I say “all of a sudden,” that is only how it felt. The reality is we experienced a slow decline and distance based on the lies we believed about having found the perfect match and having a love that would last a lifetime.

The Meaningful Marriage is a result of countless conversations within our own marriage and with 100s of other couples to not only better understand why over 50% of marriages end in divorce, but what we could do about it. Tips, tricks, hacks, and tools are typically short term solutions to a way bigger problem…our beliefs about marriage.  

We developed The Meaningful Marriage as a direct antidote to the key issues facing marriage and how we can combat them in our own relationships. Our courses are designed to set you up for success when engaging your spouse and equipping you for a life long “meaningful” marriage.  

"Marriage Prep was incredibly beneficial. It opened us up to conversations that we would've never even thought about having. Conversations that we still have as a married couple."

Dylan — Brooklyn, NY

"If I am honest, I did not want anything to do with marriage coaching, but The Meaningful Marriage not only got me to a place where I didn't mind showing up...I looked forward to it. We learned so much and actually enjoyed it."

Branden — Kalamazoo, MI

"We loved how The Meaningful Marriage topics evolved overtime. From learning about each other’s love languages to the way that we communicate with each other during times of conflict and joy."

Megan — Chicago, IL

"Mark & Ashley actually made Marriage Prep (pre-marital counseling) fun and enjoyable. They have a way of making you feel comfortable and not judged ever. Forever our go to when we're seeking help in our relationship."

Amelia — Kalamazoo, MI

"The Marriage Prep program helped us enter into the happiest time of our lives feeling organized, prepared, and having clarity for the life we want to build together."

Lauren — Des Moines, IA

"The program really challenges you—that’s the great thing about it.  Coming into a marriage everybody is in a different place—The Meaningful Marriage allowed us to unpack those differences and grow much closer as a couple."

Alex — Chicago, IL

"I think this program was great. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t have kept coming back to it. I was not excited about this at all at first, but found it to be very helpful. It was worth my time — and I don’t say that often."

Nate — Grand Rapids, MI

"It was like a curated survival guide for navigating important topics in a relationship and marriage: communication, money, religion, family, etc. We cannot recommend this program enough!"

JD — Oakland, CA

"Marriage Prep helped us to understand the ways our personalities and upbringings differ, and how to navigate those differences as a married couple."

Courtney — Brooklyn, NY


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