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With over 15 years of experience working with couples and families, I am highly skilled motivated to see couples succed. My expertise lies in coaching, relationship dynamics, and emotional intelligence. I hold multiple certifications, including Coachnet Global and Empowerment Coaching Network, SYMBIS Certified, DISC behavioral style certified, and EQ certified. Additionally, I have a master's degree in Leadership, which further enhances my ability to provide valuable insights and guidance. In this course, I will delve deep into the intricacies to assist you in gaining a profound understanding of your fighting style. This will enable you to develop a heightened comprehension of your partner's approach as well.

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  • ‘Communication problems’ is the most common factor that leads to divorce, at 65%. 


  • This was followed by couples’ ‘inability to resolve issues’ at 43%


Regain.us | September 6, 2023
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What Couples Are Saying About The Meaningful Marriage Course


JD & Lauren

"It was like a curated survival guide for navigating important topics in a relationship and marriage: communication, money, religion, family, etc. We cannot recommend this program highly enough!"

 Jeff & Hannah

"We were reminded of the roots and principles that we established early in our marriage Now, we are working towards the life we want, everyday."

Alex & Megan

"We loved how the topics evolved over time. From learning about each other’s love languages to the way we communicate with each other during times of conflict and joy."

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