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We often inherit beliefs and notions about how marriage is "supposed" to happen. Whether it be what we were taught or somehow absorbed, these beliefs can have detrimental impact on our marriage without us evevr realizing why. Ashley and I had been happily married for 7 years, when all of a sudden our reality didn’t match our expectations as a result of misguided beliefs about marriage. When I say “all of a sudden,” that is only how it felt. The reality is we experienced a slow decline and distance based on the lies we believed about having found the perfect match and having a love that would last a lifetime. The worst part...we worked at a church! To be clear, working at a church was not the bad part, but having a bad marriage while working at a church is an impossibly difficult and lonely place to be. So...we went to work on our marriage and created a program to help other couples. The Meaningful Marriage is a result of countless conversations within our own 15+ years of marriage and with 100s of other couples to not only better understand why over 50% of marriages end in divorce, but what we could do about it. In our courses, you will experience Mark’s expertise in coaching, Ashley’s eye for design and functionality, and our combined passion for helping couples succeed. Tips, tricks, hacks, and tools are typically short term solutions to a way bigger problem…our beliefs about marriage. We developed The Meaningful Marriage as a direct antidote to the key issues facing marriage and how we can combat them in our own relationships. Our courses are designed to set couples up for success and a life long “meaningful” marriage. We are glad you are here, and we encourage you to jump into our Marriage Success Model video session FREE. Mark & Ashley


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