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More than a million couples have used the award-winning Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts assessment (SYMBIS for short).  What began as a tool for couples preparing for marriage has now become a staple in marriage success for all couples. Combining your personalized assessment with The Meaingful Marriage video courses makes marriage success more accessible than ever before.

6 Steps to Marriage Success

✔️ Valid and reliable results backed by decades of research 

✔️ Understand each other's personality and communication styles

✔️ Improve your love life and develop deep connection

✔️ Truly a personalized roadmap for marriage success

6 Steps to Marriage Success

"SYMBIS guarantees a personalized and profound process for helping couples start smart."

Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor of Life Church

"What SYMBIS does is nothing short of revolutionary. "

Gary Chapman
Author of The Five Love Languages

"You can't afford to miss out on all that SYMBIS has to offer. "

Gary Smalley
Author of Language of Love

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