What Are The 3 Lies?

These 3 lies are killing your marriage

What Are The 3 Lies?




With over 15 years of experience working with couples and families, I have found common threads when it comes to fighting in marriages and how to work through them. 
I hold multiple certifications, including Coachnet Global and Empowerment Coaching Network, SYMBIS Certified, DISC behavioral style certified, and EQ certified. 
Let's walk through how fighting can actually lead to intimacy. Ready?
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What's your marriage fighting style?

  • Silent? I'm fine, you're fine, everyone's fine. Let's just not talk about it mmmk?

  • Avoiding? We're just so busy so we don't have time to talk about it.

  • Fighting? Everything is wrong. We are always fighting about something!

  • Best Friends? We value fun and getting along over having hard conversations.

  • Intimate?¬†The intimate couple shares everything and expresses themselves freely and openly with each other.
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How We've Helped Others

JD & Lauren

"It was like a curated survival guide for navigating important topics in a relationship and marriage: communication, money, religion, family, etc.We cannot recommend this program highly enough!"

 Jeff & Hannah

"We were reminded of the roots and principles that we established early in our marriage Now, we are working towards the life we want, everyday."

Alex & Megan

"We loved how the topics evolved over time. From learning about each other’s love languages to the way we communicate with each other during times of conflict and joy."

Fighting Style Course

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  • Discover YOUR fighting style
  • Discuss the PROS & CONS of your fighting style
  • Create your ‚ÄúRules Of Engagement‚ÄĚ to better communication

Discover YOUR fighting style & communicate better with your partner