What Are The 3 Lies?

Spring Clean Your Relationship

Apr 14, 2021

Spring cleaning is an activity that can evoke a mixed response depending on who you ask. However, with the warmer weather comes an ideal opportunity to clear out the cobwebs of winter and prepare for the seasons ahead. We often find ourselves doing chores like re-organizing the garage, cleaning out our closets, and making sure the rusty lawnmower still works. We do these things not because they are necessarily fun, but because they are needed to keep your home in a good and functioning condition. Your relationship is no different, use this time to dust off some relationship cobwebs and prepare for your continued success as a couple. 

We have included a download to our Relationship Discovery Guide as a resource that takes an in-depth look at the state of your relationship and will diagnose areas that need some tidying up. Review this guide with your partner today and start to resolve some relationship blindspots. Now let’s take a look at some key parts of the guide!

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The 3 Mindset Shifts (Refer to Page 6 of your Guide)

No matter the magnitude of the obstacles in your relationship, our research has revealed that nearly every single challenge will fall into one of three categories, which we affectionately refer to as “RELATIONSHIP KILLERS”—Adversity, Incompatibility, and Deception. 

Each relationship will experience a mixture of all three Relationship Killers, but ultimately your long-term success as a couple stems from your ability to navigate each category. To better equip couples with the necessary tools to tackle this task we impart our "3 Mindset Shifts” as the antidote to any Relationship Killer. Refer to our illustration below and in the guide as we show you how to apply each antidote in your daily life. 

  •  The antidote to adversity is taking time to DEFINE PURPOSE. We should know why we chose each other and we should revisit where we are going regularly. Taking this action will provide an opportunity to foster deep growth between you and your partner. 
  • The antidote to incompatibility is to FACILITATE UNDERSTANDING. “Facilitate” implies that the process of knowing and understanding each other is ongoing. Taking this step will ultimately provide to freedom within your relationship
  • Lastly, the antidote to deception is working towards BUILDING TRUST. Building trust takes intentional honesty and transparency, as well as, grace when we get it wrong. At times it may be hard to build trust, but doing so will further align you as a couple, and pave a confident path through any future hardships life will throw your way.

We encourage you to further explore the current state of your relationship and build your own roadmap for success with the Discovery Guide as your compass! Set aside a convenient time to review our guide in depth and evaluate blindspots that could be hiding in plain sight. Remember that Spring is the perfect time of year to clean out your closets and prep for the future—so do the same for your relationship today!


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