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» Books don't lend themselves to great discussion...
» Therapy can get expensive and is often not a great fit for every couple.
» Are you looking for something that fits your busy life, your budget, and can go with you wherever you are?

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✓  The 3 RELATIONSHIP KILLERS affecting your marriage.
✓  The 3 LIES we believe about marriage.
✓  The 3 ANTIDOTES for improving your marriage.

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“It was like a curated survival guide for navigating important topics in a relationship and marriage: communication, money, religion, family, etc.

We cannot recommend this program enough”

- JD, Oakland, CA

Focus on the areas of your marriage that will allow your relationship to thrive and divorce-proof your marriage today. Our program is specially designed to help you gain clarity and understanding as a couple in all areas of your life together.  Don't wait until it's too late - Invest in yourselves and your marriage today. 


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The Meaningful Marriage

6 Engaging Video Sessions

Each session is packed with real-life couples sharing their experiences and practical tools that you can apply for the life of your marriage!

Discussion Workbook

Utilize the workbook to guide discussion (even the difficult ones). The Workbook is designed to help you pause, reflect, and apply action steps for each week's lesson.

Resources & Assessments

We provide additional resources and opportunities for utilizing personalized assessments to enhance and customize your experience.

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What is the cost of not protecting your marriage?

Not just the dollars and cents...50% of marriages end in divorce.

You cannot afford to skip this step! You have to do something different!

If you want your marriage to be different, you need to change your thinking.

Don't wait.  Don't look back on your marriage and wonder "what if?" This is the time. You are not alone.  We'll be your guide.

Nothing is going to change if you don't do something different.

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No matter what your story is, we can help you build your roadmap to a Meaningful Marriage! 

Our MARRIAGE REFRESH video course will highlight key areas to improve i.e; managing conflict, building trust, and planning for a brighter future with your spouse!

Through a series of short videos and interviews with couples who have gone from BLAH life to BEST life we will guide you through the necessary conversations to give your marriage the best path for happiness and fulfillment.

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The Six Steps to Marriage Success

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You're not alone. We are just like you!

Our Story

Ashley and I had been happily married for 7 years, when all of a sudden our reality didn’t match our expectations as a result of misguided beliefs about marriage. When I say “all of a sudden,” that is only how it felt. The reality is we experienced a slow decline and distance based on the lies we believed about having found the perfect match and having a love that would last a lifetime.  
The Meaningful Marriage is a result of countless conversations within our own marriage and with 100s of other couples to not only better understand why over 50% of marriages end in divorce, but what we could do about it. Tips, tricks, hacks, and tools are typically short term solutions to a way bigger problem…our beliefs about marriage.  
We developed The Meaningful Marriage as a direct antidote to the key issues facing marriage and how we can combat them in our own relationships. Our courses are designed to set you up for success when engaging your spouse and equipping you for a life long “meaningful” marriage.  

OUR PROMISE! The bottom line is this...marriage is a minefield and in the beginning, we don't know what we don't know.  Marriage Prep is a direct antidote to "I wish we had known that before getting married."

CAUTION! This program will not prevent difficulty in your marriage. However, you will discuss important topics and gain the necessary tools to navigate whatever comes your way.

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